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ZenTechGuru is an agency dedicated to provide our services to the right audience. Our philosophy emphasizes quality over quantity. We closely monitor the emerging strategies in the market and uncover the elusive formula for achieving specific results.


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We Operate with a Clear and Effective Workflow!

1. Video Conf & Requirement

This initial stage involves understanding the client's needs, goals, target audience and Gathering requirements through video meetings & questionnaires.

2. Proposal & Contract

Prepare a proposal about project scope, timeline, costs, and deliverables based on requirements & create a detailed contract with terms and conditions.

3. Design & Development

During design phase, we craft mockups depicting the layout of the website. In the development phase, we constructs & integrates these mockups into the website.

4. Testing & Deliverables

QA testing ensure functionality, responsiveness, compatibility across different devices and review version of the website send to the client for their feedback.

5. Client Review & Revisions

The client is presented with the developed website for review. Any revisions or requested changes are documented and Implemented by the development team.

6. Support & Maintenance

Once the client approves the final version of the website, we launched website. Provide support & maintenance including backups, and security according to the contract.

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ZTG Happy Clients Reviews!

Our happy client reviews reflect consistent satisfaction and gratitude for our services.

Zain Sheik Founder & CEO of Developi

I had a critical error and didn't know what went wrong. The web designer who fixed my site worked efficiently. Thanks, ZTG Supports once again saving the day.

Hassan Naseer Founder & CEO of 7thClub

ZTG was Amazing Wow! he was on my case quickly and he step by step. Excellent communication! very knowledgeable and a huge help! I highly recommend!

Faisal Qureshi Founder & CEO of MinhaTech

I had a great experience working with them. Their team's top-notch communication and a can-do attitude was the cherry on top. I highly recommend their services!

Faraz Qureshi Founder & CEO of DesignWeb

The ZTG I received was incredibly helpful, actionable and absolutely solved my problem. I would like to thank a commendable customer support experience.

Frequently Asked Questions!

You can find the best answers when you catch problems

Here are some of the world’s top websites that are made by WordPress like Sony Music, PlayStation Blog, TechCrunch and much more..

The time to design and develop a WordPress website depends on complexity, ranging from days to months.

WordPress is generally secure with regular updates, but additional security measures may be necessary.

To stand out, focus on unique branding, high-quality content, and engaging user experience.

Yes, WordPress websites can be made mobile-friendly with responsive design themes

After launching your website, we provide support includes troubleshooting, updates, and assistance with maintenance tasks according to the agreement of the project.

SEO is the practice of improving your website’s visibility and ranking in search engine results pages. By optimizing relevant keywords users can find your business easily in Google.

Google considers many factors, but some of the most important include Content, Keywords, Technical SEO and Backlinks.

SEO is an ongoing process, and seeing results can take several months, depending on the competitiveness of your chosen keywords and the overall health of your website. Consistency is key!

You can learn basic SEO principles and implement them yourself. However, for complex strategies, competitive landscapes, or specialized knowledge, hiring an SEO professional can be beneficial.

Absolutely! While social media and other channels play a role, SEO drives organic, targeted traffic from potential customers actively searching for your offerings.

Use analytics tools like Google Search Console to track website traffic, keyword rankings, and user behavior. Monitor changes after implementing SEO strategies.

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